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Felons can now erase some "mistakes" from their criminal history

We all know wisdom comes with age. When a lapse in good judgment occurs as a young adult, one bad decision can result in a stain on one's career or educational prospects. Finally,

Kentucky has recognized this and rewrote the law to allow some felonies to now be expunged.

House Bill 40, which is the result of Governor Bevin and the General Assembly's collaboration, allows certain "Class D" felony offenders to have their criminal history erased. The process is not simple, but for the first time in Kentucky's history, it is possible. If you want to make sure your expungement goes through smoothly, you would best be served by hiring a lawyer to handle it.

To be eligible one must first receive a certificate of eligibility from Frankfort, then a hefty $500 filing fee must be paid to the Court. Although that may seem high to some, if you have been burdened for years by a felony record, I suspect one might be happy to pay that sum, or more, to remove a felony from their record.

For more information see Kentucky's felony expungement laws in KRS 431.073, 431.076.

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