Old books tossed aside at garage sales or on eBay can cotain invaluable lessons. Put your phone down sometimes and grab an old book. You may be surprised at what you discover.

Neighbor to Brown-Forman warehouse sues for toxic tort damage to property caused by escaping ethanol fumes growing whiskey fungus on his property.

Asst. prosecutor failed to disclose relationship of juror to court. Court of Appeals failed to see problem, Supreme Court finds clear violation of constitutional right to fair and impartial trial and reverses ordering new trial.

Two quotes from the book, The Man to See demonstrate why criminal lawyers do what they do with pride. The defense they provide is a defense of everyone's rights, the Bill of Rights.

Trial advocacy and litigation skills can only be learned one way: actually trying cases to a jury

Bad faith and violation of Kentucky consumer protection law leads to large damages award by Campbell County jury against Indiana Insurance Company