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$3.45 million jury award for "bad faith" lawsuit upheld by Kentucky Supreme Court against Indiana Ins. Co.

September 12, 2017

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Kentucky District Court Judge violated Code of Judicial Conduct

The Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission has ruled that a Judge violated judicial ethics while presiding over a bond reduction hearing.  A criminal defendant was charged with assaulting a woman in an apparent domestic dispute. When the victim recanted at Defendant's bond reduction hearing, presumably in an effort to get her boyfriend out of jail, the Judge "went rogue" and ordered the Sheriff to take the woman into custody.  The judge then instructed the County Attorney to file formal charges against her.  Luckily, the prosecutor refused.  Turns out, the boyfriend had threatened his victim into recanting her prior statement.  Obviously, this judge was acting outside of her authority when she became judge and "prosecutor."  Hopefully, she was just having a bad day and this was an anomaly.  Of course the poor lady who had her liberty taken while she sat in jail had a much worse day.  It seems the worse part of this troubling story is that the victim here was again victimized by "the system," a legal system that was suppose to be helping her.